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  • In Champage you can do a lot:
    • Play tennis on the tennis court of Champagne maintained by the village - free of charge (1,2 km)
    • Bicycle-riding on sign-posted routes around Champagne
    • Public swimming-pool at Pont l'Abbé d'Arnoult (3 km)
    • Boat riding, children's play grounds, restaurant on the border of the lake at Bois Fleurie near Trizay (10 min.)

Lake at the Bois Fleurie near Trizay

Swimming in the Charente

  • ... and a little farther away:
    • Swimming in the Charente, e.g. in Port d'Envaux (15 min.)
    • wind surfing in the bay of La Palmyre
    • wave bathing in Royan
    • visiting the famous zoo of La Palmyre...
    • ... or the world-famous aquarium of La Rochelle

Sea and Beach


  • From Champagne the ocean is never far away:
    • Broad and spacious sandy beaches (for example the Plage de Vert Bois with surf possibilities) on the Ile d'Oléron (35 min. drive)
    • Various bathing bays between high rocks sheltered from wind in the bathing ressort of Royan (25 min. drive)
  • Wonderful beaches with extended pine woods right up to the coast are found in the complete coastal region between Royan and Ronce-les-Bains, on the Côte Sauvage ("wild coast") close to La Palmyre  (35 min. drive)
  • Calm and recently opened extended beach promenade at the beach of Marennes, at the estuary of the Seudre (mud flats, only limited bathing, 15 min. drive)
  • Very hidden situated but worth the drive: the beach of Plaisance, no bathing possibility (clay), but ideal for a stroll (15 min. drive)



Champagne is starting point for different excursions. Within small distances you find 

  • the castles Roche-Courbon, Crazanne, Panloy, Douhet and Gataudière)

Chateau de Crazanne

  • interesting historical buidlings (for example the light-house of Coubre, the roman amphitheatre in Saintes, the Abbaye de Sablonceaux, the fort of Hiers-Brouage),

The 300 steps of the light-house of Coubre

  • ... romantic cities with charming old parts (e.g. Saintes) and various museums (for example, the Corderie Royale and the "Hermione" - a historical boat reconstrcution project - in Rochefort, the railway and toy museum in St. Just-Luzac),

In the old town of Saintes

  • impressive places (such as the caves of Meschers, the quarries of Crazanne), ...

Chateau de Douhet

  • fascinating attractions (such as the mazes of Cravans [only in summer], and the "little train" of St. Trojan)

and much more...


Practical Information

  • Shopping (Groceries)
    • All weekdays: shopping possibilities with merchants stopping right in front of the gate of the house (baker, butcher)
    • Baker in Champagne (1 km)
    • SHOPI Supermarket in Pont l'Abbé d'Arnoult (3 km)
    • ECO-Marché in St. Porchaire (10 min.)
    • Large supermarkets in Rochefort (12 min.), Marennes, Tonnay-Charente, Saintes, Royan
  • Shopping (Specialities):
    • Oysters: directly from the producer Tafforet (close to Marennes, just before the bridge crossing the estuary of the Seudre)
    • Perfume: numerous perfume boutiques close to the sea in Royan and in the Old Town of Saintes
    • Wines of the region: "Cave Cooperation Sociale" (on the northern outskirts of Royan)
  • Restaurants can be found in several places near-by: at Pont l'Abbé d'Arnoult, St. Porchaire, St. Just-Luzac
  • Official authorities, doctors, veterinarians, pharmacies are available in Pont l'Abbé d'Arnoult, Rochefort, Saintes and Royan. And if necessary: the next hospitals are in Royan, Rochefort and Saintes.

You find "everything" in Pont l'Abbé d'Arnoult


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